Custom Goshen Denture Design

When you need to replace missing teeth in an efficient and affordable manner, dentures are likely the best choice. Made from durable acrylic and metal bases, these appliances support teeth made of porcelain or other durable material in areas where your natural ones are missing.

Photograph of denture

Denture Choices

The type of denture you need will depend on the anatomy of your current smile. Church Street Dental Arts offers a variety of choices, allowing our Goshen patients to select one that best fits their lifestyle and oral health. Dr. Vipul Patel may recommend one of the following:

“Plates” / Full Dentures

Restore all of your teeth at once with a full denture. Upper dentures rely on suction between the plate and your gums to keep it in place. Lower dentures depend more on your lips, cheeks, and tongue. If you’re new to getting dentures, we’ll give you advice on how to get used to it as quickly as possible.

Removable Partial Dentures

We want you to keep your remaining teeth healthy for as long as possible. Partials help by snapping in around your existing teeth, so that you won’t need to have any extracted. They take up less space in your mouth than a traditional full denture.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants are capable of providing support to permanent or removable dentures. Overdentures snap in and out over 2-4 implants, providing better stability throughout the day. Or, a longer hybrid design can be permanently anchored into place so that you won’t need to remove anything at night. Permanent bridges use anywhere from 4-6 implants; there’s no need to have one for each tooth that’s missing.

Need a Denture Repair?

A broken or cracked denture can ruin your entire day. If you live in the Goshen area and need to have your denture repaired or adjusted, call Church Street Dental Arts. Dr. Vipul Patel will be more than happy to help!

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