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Do you have missing teeth that need to be replaced? Modern dental implants are the go-to solution. Church Street Dental Arts is happy to provide comprehensive dental implant therapy including surgical placement and restoration.

Understanding Dental Implants

Getting a dental implant is like replacing your natural tooth with a biocompatible, artificial one. When set into your mouth, bone begins to integrate with the surface of your new implant, permanently fusing it in place. This osseointegration process makes your new “tooth” a restoration that can last for the rest of your life.

Following osseointegration, Dr. Vipul Patel will attach an abutment to the top of the implant, which will support your fixed restoration. Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, we can use implants to anchor single-tooth crowns, fixed bridges, and even dentures.

Your dental implant treatment will be more comfortable than you think! Since the area around it is numbed with local anesthetic, you won’t feel anything other than a small amount of pressure. Your recovery will be simple and straightforward.

How Many Implants Will You Need?

One Implant

If you’re replacing an individual tooth, Dr. Vipul Patel will recommend a single implant with a ceramic crown. However, that does not mean that you’ll need a separate implant for each tooth that’s missing, if you have multiple missing teeth.

Two Implants

In the case of an implant-supported bridge, we’ll likely only need two implants to support a multi-tooth restoration. Implant bridges eliminate the need to wear a partial denture.

Multiple Implants

At Church Street Dental Arts, we also offer implant stabilization options for denture wearers. As few as 2-4 implants may be all that you need!

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