Same Day CEREC Crowns

Today’s state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide higher quality, more efficient care to our patients. Dr. Vipul Patel has invested in the best resources for our patients, ensuring the same level of service for your family that we would for our own.

At Church Street Dental Arts, one of those investments is our in-house CAD/CAM milling equipment, called CEREC. CEREC uses 3D digital dentistry to virtually scan and design same day restorations like dental crowns.

How is CEREC Different?

Traditional dental crown treatments usually require two separate trips to the dentist. If something didn’t fit right, it meant making a third appointment. Since your restoration is made at an off-site lab, everything has to align perfectly for it to be fitted and placed on time.

With CEREC, Church Street Dental Arts designs and manufactures your dental crown onsite during the same appointment. You’ll save valuable time since no follow-up visits are needed. CEREC ensures a proper, precise fit in just one day.

illustration of the placing of a dental crown onto a damaged tooth

Why do I Need a Crown?

Crowns are full coverage restorations that protect structurally compromised teeth. Dr. Vipul Patel recommends them in situations involving large cavities, fractured teeth, or following root canal therapy. When a filling won’t work, due to the extent of damage in your tooth, a crown protects the structure that’s left behind.

Avoiding your crown treatment can predispose your tooth to additional fractures and irreversible damage.

If you think you need a crown or are looking for a second opinion, schedule a same day CEREC consultation at Church Street Dental Arts in Goshen.

The CEREC Difference

Quicker Results

Single visit, instead of multiple appointments

Improved Appearance

Made from solid blocks of ceramic, for maximum aesthetics

More Accurate

Digitally mapped to eliminate human error

Less Time Consuming

Catch up on other dental treatments while you wait

Blended Smile

Custom matched to blend in with your smile

See how Dr. Patel has transformed his patients' smiles.

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